Algo Trading Workshops

Experts On Demand

Code Written For You

Need some extra help with building your Trading Algorithms? Stuck trying to get a piece of code working? Now you can get that help you need, from highly qualified algorithm builders at a fraction of the cost. Our engineers will be available for you once a week for an hour to write code for you, troubleshoot your issues and help you get set up.

Personalized Help With Your Projects

Get time with one of our experts to review your project(s) and help you with any issues you’re having or help you plan out the next steps. Our developers have built hundreds of algorithms: something that might take you hours could potentially be done in just a few minutes with their help.

Learn From Experts in The Field

Our experts all have 3+ years of experience building trading algorithms or teaching students how to build them. Our team collectively has over 50 years of programming experience in many different languages. You can trust that our team has either already worked on a project like yours, or is extremely familiar with the concepts.

Structuring Your Project

Planning out a software development project can be very difficult if you don’t have a lot of experience programming. After building hundreds of trading algorithms we have developed the wisdom of foresight and can see problems from a mile away. Now you can have that kind of power as well.

Learn From Your Peers

These workshops are meant to be collaborative and you will be in a virtual room with several other students. This will allow you to not only get help with your own issues, but it will also allow you to see what others are working on – and maybe even share some code.

Who This is For

Who This is Not For

How it Works

  • Weekly One Hour Sessions With an Expert in The Field

    You, along with other subscribers will have one hour every week to spend with an expert algorithmic trading engineer.

  • The Expert Spends The Hour Writing Code Or Reviewing Your Project

    The workshop instructor will take turns helping each individual student as fairly as possible

  • Watch While The Expert Helps Others With Their Algorithms

    While you are waiting for your turn (or if you just want to get ideas/code from others), then you can watch as the instructor helps others during the one-hour time

Workshop Schedule

Every Wednesday at 7 pm EST


July 6, 2022

1 hour per week


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