Blockchain Programming Course

How to Use Solidity and Smart Contracts to Create Your Own NFTs, Crypto Coins and More

What Are The Plans & How Are They Structured?

Self Directed Plan

Our collection of instructional videos and sample code will allow you to work at your own pace. Furthermore, our video library is constantly expanding and you will have lifetime access to all future videos and code.

Live Classes Plan

Our experienced instructors will host live classes at pre-established times, allowing you to interact with other students and the instructor. You will also get a chance to work with other students, fostering collaboration and discussion.

Project Help / Tutoring Plan

Our experienced instructors will meet with you, through video conference on a set schedule, to make sure you’re understanding the concepts and to help with building your custom portfolio project.

Blockchain Course Plans

3 and 5 Month Payment Plans Available

Blockchain Course – Self Directed


  • Lifetime access to our video library
  • Lifetime access to our library of code
  • Access to Lumiwealth community
  • Instructor support through Lumiwealth community
  • Access to Weekly Discussion Hour through Lumiwealth community

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3 and 5 Month Payment Plans Available

Blockchain Course – Live Classes


  • Everything from the Self Directed plan
  • 8 weeks of live classes (2 hours per week)
  • 6 hours of dedicated live Q&A
  • Access to all future videos and code
  • Help with 2 personal projects
  • Get to know other classmates
  • Help with resume and interview prep
  • Unlimited email and chat Q&A

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3 and 5 Month Payment Plans Available

Blockchain Course – Project Help / Tutoring


  • Everything from the Self Directed and Live Course plans
  • Includes upcoming Live Classes (8 weeks/1.5 hrs per week)
  • Help with building a custom project, including software development if needed
  • 12 hours of 1-on-1 video/phone sessions

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After successfully passing the course you will receive a certificate of completion that you can show to employers.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • The Fundamentals of Blockchain, Solidity, and Crypto
  • How to use the Ethereum Blockchain and Solidity to create Smart Contracts
  • Creating your own Crypto Coins and NFTs
  • How to release your Crypto Coins and NFTs onto the Blockchain so that people can trade them

Why Blockchain Development?

Blockchain has taken the world by storm: first it was Bitcoin, then the ICO craze, and now NFTs. What’s next? You can make it happen. 

People have made fortunes in ICOs, NFTs by creating their own and trading them. This course will teach you both, and focus on the first: how to create your own Blockchain Smart Contracts, including Crypto Coins (ERC 20 tokens), NFTs (ERC721 tokens) and more. 


What is a Crypto Coin?

A Crypto coin is a digital token such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Filecoin that can be traded on exchanges. There are simple coins (such as Bitcoin) that can be used as currency and rely on supply/demand for their value, and there are also more complex coins (such as Filecoin) where people can use them to do something practical such as storing files online. By the end of this course you will learn how to create both types of coins.


What is an NFT?

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token is a unique token that cannot be replaced with something else. You may have heart of these lately through the sale of projects such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (sold for $3.4 million), Cryptopunk (sold for $12 million) and more. These numbers are eye-popping, but just the tip of the iceberg. Lately we’re seen NFTs pop up everything including using them to sell music albums, sneakers (Nike), TV shows, cars, high-end watches watches, Real Estate and more. What kinds of NFTs would you create?

Cryptopunk NFT
Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT
Tory Lanes NFT

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Blockchain, Solidity & Smart Contracts

  • Course overview
  • Student Introductions/Round Robin (30 minutes)
  • Introduction to Blockchain, Solidity & Smart Contracts (30 minutes)
  • Introduction to Ethereum Remix IDE (30 minutes)
  • Write your first Solidity code (30 minutes)

Week 2: Solidity fundamentals

  • Build Solidity variables (30 minutes)
  • Build Solidity arrays (30 minutes)
  • Build Solidity mappings (30 minutes)
  • Build Solidity conditionals (30 minutes)

Week 3: Build Solidity smart contracts

  • Build Solidity loops (30 minutes)
  • Send Ether
  • Build a data storage contract (30 minutes)
  • Build a profit splitter contract (1 hour)
  • Build a contract with limited addresses (30 minutes)

Week 4: Inheritance in Solidity

  • Inheritance overview (15 minutes)
  • Build contracts with inheritance (30 minutes)
  • Build contracts with visibility modifiers (30 minutes)
  • Build contracts with mutability modifiers (30 minutes)

Week 5: Deep dive into Solidity contracts

  • Build an abstract contract (30 minutes)
  • Build a bank contract (30 minutes)
  • Build a contract and library (30 minutes)
  • Build a contract with a limited time transaction (30 minutes)

Week 6: Build an NFT Token

  • What is an NFT token (30 minutes)
  • Understanding the ERC721 Standard (30 minutes)
  • Build an NFT token (1 hour)

Week 7: Deploy NFT Token to Public Testnet

  • Use MetaMask digital wallet (30 minutes)
  • Deploy to public testnet (1 hour)
  • Validate metadata on OpenSea (30 minutes)

Week 8: Build and deploy a smart contract with Truffle and Ganache

  • Build a smart contract with Truffle (1 hour)
  • Deploy smart contract with Ganache personal blockchain (1 hour)
  • Course review
  • Where to go from here

Upcoming Live Classes

January 2022

Registration Closes
January 15, 2022

Course Starts
January 20, 2022

Course Length
8 Weeks (Excluding Holiday Breaks)

8-12 Hours Per Week, Self Paced Learning

Class Schedule
Every Thursday at 8 pm EST (5 pm PDT)

Lecture Duration
2 Hours Per Week,  Live Over Zoom

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March 2022

Registration Closes
March 17, 2022

Course Starts
March 31, 2022

Course Length
8 Weeks (Excluding Holiday Breaks)

8-12 Hours Per Week, Self Paced Learning

Class Schedule
Every Thursday at 8 pm EST (5 pm PDT)

Lecture Duration
2 Hours Per Week,  Live Over Zoom

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June 2022

Registration Closes
May 26, 2022

Course Starts (Tentative)
June 9, 2022

Course Length
8 Weeks (Excluding Holiday Breaks)

8-12 Hours Per Week, Self Paced Learning

Class Schedule
Every Thursday at 8 pm EST (5 pm PDT)

Lecture Duration
2 Hours Per Week,  Live Over Zoom

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Course Projects

Projects signal to employers that you know your stuff! You’ll build an impressive portfolio of projects that demonstrate your abilities. The Live Classes plan includes the projects below, while the Project Help / Tutoring plan includes these and help with your own custom project.

Project 1: Create Your Own Solidity Smart Contracts

In this project, you will create several Ethereum smart contracts: a data storage contract, a profit splitter contract, and a contract with limited addresses. These are all simple Blockchain contracts that will teach you the basics before you go on to create your own Crypto Coin and NFT. 

After this project, you will have the fundamental knowledge to create more sophisticated contracts like some of the new altcoins that have been growing very fast in popularity.

Project 2: Create/Release Your Own Crypto Coin and NFT

In this project, you will learn how to create smart contracts such as Crypto Coins or NFTs using the Ethereum programming language named Solidity. After this project, you will have your own own and/or NFT and be able to put them on an exchange to start trading them. Imagine a coin named after you that you can buy and sell.

After this project, you will have also learned the fundamentals of Blockchain Smart Contracts, which means that you could even help create new types of Blockchain standards such as voting, identity, or a new type of NFT.

Nike Shoe NFT Project

(Above) Nike’s NFT project, where you will get a digital version of your shoes that you can trade online, along with your actual shoes.



Alexandra Kropova has taught thousands of students in courses like Beginners Solidity for Ethereum Blockchain, Beginners Marlowe Haskell for Cardano Blockchain, and Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Machine Learning. When not building software, Alexandra teaches through online courses, live boot camps, blog posts, and YouTube tutorials on Blockchain, Python, JavaScript, and more software development topics. Alexandra has helped produce courses for Mammoth Interactive since 2016.

Testimonials from the Lumiwealth Community
Testimonials from the Lumiwealth Community
Testimonials from the Lumiwealth Community

Join the thousands of students that are already learning at Lumiwealth

“I didn’t want to buy a course of just videos. I think having somebody to interact with, like you’ve been great both on Discord and chat… Then the class has been interactive but also you’ve hopped on a call and just helped me out which has been game changing. So that’s why I chose Lumiwealth, it was really because you guys offer that level of care.”

“There’s people coming from way different backgrounds, some people are day traders like me others are more in the field of finance, and so it was really cool to just meet everybody and interact.”

– Agim Salija

“The class has been great. It has done exactly what I sought out. I have learned techniques to help me assess the quality of trading strategies which I didn’t have before. Overall, it has boosted my ability to create a trading bot and more easily test strategies in a way that I wasn’t able to before.”

“For anyone who is looking to learn Python, Finance, and putting together the dots in order to create their own strategy or enter the job market, I think this would be a great course to take.”  

– Rene Serulle

“Absolutely would recommend the classes. I went live with this trading bot a couple of weeks ago and right now I have almost made 80% of the money I spent on the course itself back from the bot itself. The trading strategies that I learned in the class paid for the class itself. I don’t think there is a better return on investment.”

“Learning from you was one of the biggest advantages. The depth of your experience you have and sharing that with all of us is amazing. To have that kind of person who’s willing to teach other people and help them enhance their lives is amazing.” 

– Santayan Paul

“I liked the variety of things being covered the most during the classes, not only how to set up a bot and connect to a broker, but also CAGR, long-term economic data, and things that I wasn’t really thinking about. For example, how long term trends can affect short-term prices. I liked the overall breadth of the class and how it wasn’t just all about the algo trading portion of it; there was a lot of how and what too.”

“I would recommend Lumiwealth’s classes to anybody who wants to understand and take more control of their trading. To anyone who wants to learn about Python/technology and trading and how these two things interplay with each other.” 

– Joel Brass

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