Algorithmic Trading Course Plans

Discover & Test Investment Strategies: Learn the fundamentals of Data Science and how to apply this to the world of Finance to help you both in your career and with your investing!

Course Learning Outcomes

  • The Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Backtesting an Investment Strategy; Using Historical Data to See How Your Strategies Would Have Performed
  • How to Build an Algorithmic Trading Robot
  • A Working Trading Robot That You Can Use

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Course Introduction

  • Introductions
  • Course Layout and Tools
  • System Setup
  • Q&A

Week 2: Python Refresher

  • Numbers, Strings and Loops
  • Functions
  • Libraries
  • Q&A

Week 3: Introduction to Pandas

  • Dataframes and Series
  • Dataframe Operations
  • Q&A

Week 4: Pandas in Finance

  • Loading a CSV File
  • Merging Dataframes
  • Graphing
  • Q&A

Week 5: Bot Setup and First Trades

  • Lumibot Introduction
  • Connecting to a Broker
  • Placing Your First Trades
  • Project Presentations
  • Q&A

Week 6: Market Mechanics and Strategy Components

  • Review of Order Types
  • Review of Market Mechanics
  • Review of Important Functions for Algorithms
  • Project Presentations
  • Q&A

Week 7: Working With Stock and Economic Data

  • Using Pandas Datareader
  • Economic Data from FRED
  • Getting Yahoo Finance Data
  • Project Presentations
  • Q&A

Week 8: Financial Performance Metrics

  • Calculating Returns: CAGR, StDev, Max Drawdown, and Sharpe Ratio
  • Backtesting Introduction
  • Building a Strategy Live
  • Project Presentations
  • Q&A

Week 9: Debt Trading Case Study

  • Downloading/Analyzing Economic Data
  • Turning the Case Study Into An Algorithm + Results
  • Project Presentations
  • Q&A

Week 10: Trading Bot Examples

  • Strategy Examples (Including Our Latest Strategies)
  • Project Presentations
  • Q&A

Week 11: Trading Bot Examples

  • Strategy Examples (Including Our Latest Strategies)
  • Project Presentations
  • Q&A

Week 12: Machine Learning Intro

  • Forecasting Time Series Data Using Machine Learning AI
  • Q&A

What Are The Plans & How Are They Structured?

Self Directed Plan

Our collection of instructional videos and sample code will allow you to work at your own pace. Furthermore, our video library is constantly expanding and you will have lifetime access to all future videos and code.

Live Classes Plan

Our experienced instructors will host live classes at pre-established times, allowing you to interact with other students and the instructor. You will also get a chance to work with other students, fostering collaboration and discussion.

Project Help / Tutoring Plan

Our experienced instructors will meet with you, through video conference on a set schedule, to make sure you’re understanding the concepts and to help with building your custom portfolio project.

Algorithmic Trading Course Plans

3 and 5 Month Payment Plans Available

algo trading class
Algorithmic Trading Course – Self Directed
  • Lifetime access to our video library
  • Lifetime access to our library of code
  • Access to Lumiwealth community
  • Instructor support through Lumiwealth community
  • Access to Weekly Discussion Hour through Lumiwealth community

3 and 5 Month Payment Plans Available

algo trading class
Algorithmic Trading Course – Live Classes
  • Everything from the Self Directed plan
  • 12 weeks of live classes (2 hours per week)
  • 6 hours of dedicated live Q&A
  • Access to all future videos and code
  • Help with 2 personal projects
  • Get to know other classmates
  • Help with resume and interview prep
  • Unlimited email and chat Q&A

3 and 5 Month Payment Plans Available

algo trading class
Algorithmic Trading Course – Project Help / Tutoring
  • Everything from the Self Directed and Live Course plans
  • Includes upcoming Algorithmic Trading Live Classes (12 weeks/2 hrs per week)
  • Help with building a custom project, including software development if needed
  • 10 hours of 1-on-1 video/phone sessions or software development time with our experts

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We’re always adding new material – and you’ll get lifetime access to the content!


After successfully passing the course you will receive a certificate of completion that you can show to employers.


If You Can't Build a Bot, You Get Your Money Back + $600

If you show up to class, put in 2+ hours of work per week, and book 1-on-1 sessions if you’re stuck then you will 100% for sure have a bot trading on your computer within 12 weeks, guaranteed. We are so sure that you will get a bot running on your computer that if somehow you can’t get one working (we’ve never seen that happen) then we will give you all your money back PLUS $600 for your time.


Robert Grzesik, Lumiwealth CEO

Upcoming Live Classes

February 2023

Registration Closes
February 16, 2023

Course Starts
February 23, 2023

Course Length
12 Weeks (Excluding Holiday Breaks)

8-12 Hours Per Week, Self Paced Learning

Class Schedule
Every Thursday at 8 pm EDT (5 pm PDT)

Lecture Duration
2 Hours Per Week,  Live Over Zoom

Course Projects

Projects signal to employers that you know your stuff! You’ll build an impressive portfolio of projects that demonstrate your abilities. The Live Classes plan includes the projects below, while the Project Help / Tutoring plan includes these and help with your own custom project.

Project 1: Analyzing Investment Strategies

In this project you will download and analyze financial data, then use that data to backtest an investment strategy. This will allow you to see how a specific investment strategy would have performed in the past, using historical data and risk/return metrics.

Project 2: Building a Live Trading Robot

For this project, you will create a trading robot that will automatically buy and sell stocks based on your predefined criteria. Students will have the freedom to create their own bot to trade on the signals that they prefer, including economic data, company financial data, and more.



Robert has spent most of his career managing software teams on Wall Street and at various software startups.

He’s taught thousands of students in computer
programming and finance both in person and online.

In college, he received his Masters of Finance from a top business school and used to teach finance to classrooms with over 100 students each.

Robert has been programming computers for over 20 years using many different languages including Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Ruby on Rails and more.

Testimonials from the Lumiwealth Community
Testimonials from the Lumiwealth Community
Testimonials from the Lumiwealth Community

Join the thousands of students that are already learning at Lumiwealth

“I didn’t want to buy a course of just videos. I think having somebody to interact with, like you’ve been great both on Discord and chat… Then the class has been interactive but also you’ve hopped on a call and just helped me out which has been game changing. So that’s why I chose Lumiwealth, it was really because you guys offer that level of care.”

“There’s people coming from way different backgrounds, some people are day traders like me others are more in the field of finance, and so it was really cool to just meet everybody and interact.”

– Agim Salija

“The class has been great. It has done exactly what I sought out. I have learned techniques to help me assess the quality of trading strategies which I didn’t have before. Overall, it has boosted my ability to create a trading bot and more easily test strategies in a way that I wasn’t able to before.”

“For anyone who is looking to learn Python, Finance, and putting together the dots in order to create their own strategy or enter the job market, I think this would be a great course to take.”  

– Rene Serulle

“Absolutely would recommend the classes. I went live with this trading bot a couple of weeks ago and right now I have almost made 80% of the money I spent on the course itself back from the bot itself. The trading strategies that I learned in the class paid for the class itself. I don’t think there is a better return on investment.”

“Learning from you was one of the biggest advantages. The depth of your experience you have and sharing that with all of us is amazing. To have that kind of person who’s willing to teach other people and help them enhance their lives is amazing.” 

– Santayan Paul

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