How Algorithmic Trading Could Make You Money

algo trading

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Did you know that only one out of every five day-traders actually makes a profit? The ever-changing world of trading can be challenging to navigate. In fact, most trading on the stock market is performed by robots, making it like playing a rigged game of chess, where your chances of winning are stacked against you. 

That’s why many day-traders have started to learn algorithmic trading to improve their odds of making money through trading.  

In this post, we discuss just exactly how algo trading using python works and how you can create an algorithmic trading robot to help increase your odds of becoming the next, big money trader. 

What Is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading uses data science and computer-automated executions, rather than human guesswork, to create instructions for trading. Since trading activities use data science techniques like technical indicators, financial fundamentals, and economic data, this also eliminates human emotions that can interfere with the success of trading.

How Can Algorithmic Trading Benefit Traders?

Algorithm trading offers numerous benefits for traders. Once you make the switch, you’ll likely be surprised that you hadn’t been incorporating algorithmic trading strategies into your investments all along. 


Here are just a few key benefits that ultimately save you time and money.

Your Trading Strategies Are Back-tested

Algorithmic trading takes the guesswork out of your trading strategies. By reviewing past back-tests, you can more clearly see patterns, which in turn helps you figure out what’s working and what isn’t working.